Leupold Mk 4 MR/T 1.5-5x20mm 300 BLACKOUT

Tactical 300 Blackout Riflescope
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You can’t afford to leave an inch of ground uncovered. For everything from 50 to 700 meters, these are the scopes you can count on to help get the job done. Match a Leupold® Mark 4® MR/T® up with your AR style firearm, FAL, G3, SCAR-H, M-14, or bolt-action for a serious boost in magnification and accuracy. Hunters and competitive shooters firing the Remington 700, Winchester Model 70, Ruger 77, and Savage 110 among other popular rifles have come to rely on the MR/T as well.

Leupold Mark 4 1.5-5x20mm MR/T M2 Rifle Scope has been designed with a a bright illuminated reticle that facilitates precision engagement of targets at long distances while keeping the close-quarters, instinctive firing abilities that are necessary for military and law enforcement professionals. "Not every tactical target is engaged at more than 1,000 meters, and not all situations occur at arm's length," said Chris O'Donnell, Leupold's tactical market leader. "There's always middle ground, and that's why this versatile new Mid Range/Tactical rifle scope was developed." With the distant shooting capabilities of a 5x scope combined with the instant target acquisition of a 1.5x weapon sight

Illumnated 300 Blackout Reticle

The 300 Blackout reticle is an extension of the CM-R2 reticle line, made in partnership with Advanced Armament Corporation for their new weapon system. This reticle provides the shooter with a ballistic solution that seamlessly transfers between subsonic and supersonic ammunition, as indicated respectively by a tortoise and a hare. The 300 Blackout reticle is comprised of a 1.0 MOA dot surrounded by a 5.0 MOA circle for a perfect combination of precision and speed. The hash marks on the horizontal stadia can be used for leading targets moving at 5, 10, and 15 mph respectively. The tic marks have been moved to each side of the vertical stadia, with the left side used for the subsonic round in 50 yard increments and the right side for the supersonic round in 100 yard increments. For best results, the 300 Blackout reticle should be zeroed at 100 yards using supersonic ammunition. Once zeroed at 100 yards, the center point of the reticle also serves as the 50 yard aiming point for the subsonic rounds.

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