Leupold Mk 4 LR/T 8.5-25x50mm M5 Illum. Ret

Long Range Tactical Rifle Scope w/Illuminated Reticle
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Leupold 8.5-25x50 Mark 4 Long Range Tactical 30mm M5 Rifle Scope 113092 is incredible accuracy in a cutting edge, robust design. The Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 8.5-25x50 M5 Riflescope features .10 mil adjustments and answers the call for extremely accurate long range shooting. Mark 4 LR/T riflescopes from Leupold delivers dead on targeting each time you go out target shooting or hunting. As a member of the Leupold riflescope lineup, the Mark 4 series include some of the most devastatingly accurate riflescopes on the planet. The Leupold 8.5-25x50mm LR/T M5 Metric fulfills the hardened requirements that its fellow rifle scopes have led hunters and target shooters to expect.

Illuminated Tactical Milling Reticle (TMR)

The Tactical Milling Reticle expands on existing Mil Dot reticles by using various sized and spaced hash marks on the vertical and horizontal stadia for increased ranging precision, accuracy, and quick one-meter range estimating reference points. All Mil Dot calculations are TMR compatible. To use the system, simply determine the range to the target using the mil system, then use the corresponding aiming point that is matched to your cartridge to engage the target.

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