Facts about EOTECH Holographic Sight

  • Interesting Facts about EOTech Holographic Sights

    EOTech Holographic sights are extensively used by our military law enforcement, competition shooters, and weapons enthusiasts. These are non- magnifying weapons sights that enables the user to look through a parallax free optical glass window and see a reticle image overlap the target.

    EOTECH                                    EOTECH-518-Holographic-Weapon-Sight - e85

    There are few interesting facts about EOTech Holographic Sights that makes it a preferred choice for all shooters:

    1. EOTech introduced the first holographic sight in 1998.
    2. It has 68 MOA ring that allows faster target procurement with a 1 MOA dot.
    3. It gives an excellent compromise between accuracy and speed.
    4. The EOTech has the rectangular sight window that gives an increased FOV (field-of-view) over rounded sight windows.
    5. The holographic sights have complete freedom from parallax distortion (an issue that usually occurs when the eye is not perfectly aligned with the sight)
    6. Comprised of state-of-the-art technology that proven to deliver far superior target engagement speed.
    7. The EOTech Holographic weapons sight is extremely durable and is a battlefield proven weapons sight

    Though this device is expensive, as compared to basic red dot weapons sights, it is widely used by our military and weapons professionals, because of the better precision,durability, parallax free, and target engagement speeds offered by the EOTech holographic sight.

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