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  • Interesting Facts about EOTech Holographic Sights

    EOTech Holographic sights are extensively used by our military law enforcement, competition shooters, and weapons enthusiasts. These are non- magnifying weapons sights that enables the user to look through a parallax free optical glass window and see a reticle image overlap the target.

    EOTECH                                    EOTECH-518-Holographic-Weapon-Sight - e85

    There are few interesting facts about EOTech Holographic Sights that makes it a preferred choice for all shooters:

    1. EOTech introduced the first holographic sight in 1998.
    2. It has 68 MOA ring that allows faster target procurement with a 1 MOA dot.
    3. It gives an excellent compromise between accuracy and speed.
    4. The EOTech has the rectangular sight window that gives an increased FOV (field-of-view) over rounded sight windows.
    5. The holographic sights have complete freedom from parallax distortion (an issue that usually occurs when the eye is not perfectly aligned with the sight)
    6. Comprised of state-of-the-art technology that proven to deliver far superior target engagement speed.
    7. The EOTech Holographic weapons sight is extremely durable and is a battlefield proven weapons sight

    Though this device is expensive, as compared to basic red dot weapons sights, it is widely used by our military and weapons professionals, because of the better precision,durability, parallax free, and target engagement speeds offered by the EOTech holographic sight.

  • Tactical Gear

    When it comes time to choose the firearms and tactical gear for Special Forces, Law Enforcement, Military or other weapon professionals, the gravity of the demand can speak for itself, where only the best will serve the purpose. There are many organizations in the world that manufacture and deal with weapons and other tactical gear, but what distinguishes a better company from others is the quality, precision, functionality, innovation, and the durability of the weapons and tactical gear supplied. The company’s values and beliefs can define what the company is made.

    Tactical Gear

    Apart from the kits and gear designed for the individual/group weapons professionals, Special forces tactical gear is designed for the special and elite group of very highly trained professionals who whose mission set which requires their gear to be tested to higher quality standards to survive the ever evolving environments and tactics used by Special Forces. These Special Forces warriors need the best weapons and tactical gear the world in order to help them to win the fight and complete the mission in all conditions and environment with zero tolerance for failure.The situations for them is never easy and it takes the best equipments for them to survive.

    Large Selection of only the Best:

    At Virtus Tactical, there is an extensive range of high quality weapons and firearms, Weapon Mounted and handheld Optics, Medical Gear, Night Vision equipments, Thermal Imaging Equipments, Tactical Clothing, Tactical Flashlights etc. With hundreds of option s available to choose from to meet your requirements for precision quality handling and the durability of the weapons systems and tactical gear before placing an order.

    The company shouldn’t only deal with you but should also bear the guarantee:

    You should pick a company who designs and manufactures its equipment by keeping all the important factors in mind, which guarantees the customers a very strong and solid platform which enables them to work under very high sensitive situations and extreme conditions. The company should understand the requirements and the nature of the needs of the customers. You should also seek out the guarantee that the company will stand behind their products.

    Any Condition, Anywhere, Any Time

    As not everything that glitters is gold, the same can be said for tactical gear. Before making your selection, you should only consider a manufacturer/producer of equipment who abides an extensive set of research and development and quality procedures, where every single piece of equipment produced by the company goes for a series of checks and tests and upon meeting the highest standard. No matter, what equipment, weapon or tactical gear you choose to pick from the extensive selection offered, you should always seek an assurance of a very high durability and very superior quality in the products. The entire range of weapons, firearms, and tactical gear should possess the quality of being capable of enduring extreme conditions and should stand the test of the time, no matter what the situations and requirements are.

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